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SIL International has been working in many countries around the world for more than 75 years to study, develop and document the world's lesser-known languages. This work has not only contributed to national and international understanding of the richness of human languages, but has also served to contribute to the well-being of the peoples themselves. Partnerships are formed with host governments, non-governmental organizations and universities, more than 15,000 people have been trained through cooperative programes between educational institutions and SIL. Their are 7,105 languages spoken in the world (Ethnologue 17th), SIL have more than 1,980 active language projects spoken by 1.6 billion people. (current as per 2011)

In 1983 the East Asia Group of SIL International began seeking out cooperative linguistic opportunities with partners in the People's Republic of China.

Zero Barrier Bilingual Education Photo Book


SIL East Asia first-ever coffee book which showcased our Bai and Dai projects - lots of minority children's photos taken by our in-house photographers (captions in English and Mandarin).

Flip through our Zero Barrier Photo Book

Naqxi-Habaq-Yiyu Ceeqdiai 纳西汉英词典 A Naxi-Chinese-English Dictionary


孙堂茂Thomas M Pinson . Naqxi-Habaq-Yiyu Ceeqdiai 纳西汉英词典 A Naxi-Chinese- English Dictionary.

Zero Barrier Bilingual Education Concept 零障碍双语教育理念



What is Zero Barrier Bilingual Education?


At the preschool stage, these students start with minority language education, supplemented by Mandarin-Chinese. They develop their mother tongue language and at the same time Mandarin-Chinese level is developed correspondingly, thus greatly reducing the language barriers placed in front of the minority students in their primary school education.

SIL East Asia 2011 Annual Report


Year 2011 was a year of activities. After signing the 10-year Zero Barrier Bilingual Education MOU on 30 June 2010, SIL East Asia continue to see our activities in Yunnan to continue to expand. From 30 May to 2 June 2011, Yunnan Ministry of Education gathered a panel of experts to evaluate the Bai and Dai projects in Jianchuan County and Jinghong City respectively.

Read our 2011 Annual Report (available only in Mandarin Chinese)

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